Everyone has a best friend. Maybe you grow up together or meet them in future at work or through other people. Amin is my good friend I  met him through a friend of mine. We even don’t know how fast we became close friend within a very short period of time.He is a very special person I met because he is very supportive, loyal, friendly, wise I can keep going on and on about him he is a very open-minded he has got every quality that a best friend should have and that what makes him special. We spend most of our time together. We have many unforgettable moments, it feels really good when I just recall those days.

One of the most unforgettable days which I can’t forget was back in 2072 after Dashain & Tihar when we were returning back to KATHMANDU from Home (Morang), I guess it was on CHAAT but unfortunately during that time Nepal situation was not so good because of blocked by Madhesi in Koshi. So, we were forced to go from the upper way which was from Chatara to Gaighat. Oh god !! the road, dust, environment, bike condition, cloths it was really pathetic and it was one of the worst journey ever. We somehow reached to Gaighat by 5 pm where we


stayed one night and at the same time, we were happy because we had been to Gaighat for the first time. We both of us were so hungry and went to hotel seeking for good food. Eventually, we found a hotel and the food were Daal, Bhaat, Tarkari and Sukuti which was AWESOME,we even didn’t realize how much we asked Hotel Owner to add rice (LOL) 😀 she was so polite. When I still recall that food my mouth starts watering and next early in the morning we returned back to Kathmandu early in the morning before 5 am to make sure that we won’t get any hurt from Madhesi People. Anyway, it was a really funny moment.

As there is a saying that when we born then we are born with one talent. So, he is born with a good voice.  I just loved to listen to his song. One good thing what I feel is that if we have a friend who has a good voice then whenever to have any party, it plays a great role. It adds great role and make that party amazing.  He is one of the guys who sings from his heart with soul and emotions. Every time he sings he takes you through the journey. I love listening to him singing he has got such good control of his voice he can sing in every melody and pitch.

So, I would like to share his some few cover songs. Hope that you would enjoy it !!!!


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Thank You !!!


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