21st  August 2016 (Sunday)

Orphanages house is one of the places where I love to visit and spend quality time with the kids. It makes me feel so much better seeing the smile on their faces especially when it is me who made them smile….On 21 august 2016, i went to visit an orphan house name Happy Home located in Dhapakhel, Lalitpur (Opposite to GEMS School) with my few friends name Madik, Amin and Nikesh they are one of the few people who are compassionate and enjoys the company with kids. But this wasn’t my first time, I often visit there to keep and see a smile on their face which makes my day.

We started our journey from Lagankhel, It was the lovely sunny weather. So we planning to take tempo but for some reason, we end up taking a public bus. The bus was great it was empty there were lots of spaces. We got window seat then later we regretted taking window seat cause of the sand from the street blowing on our face through the window. After 10 minutes the bus got really crowded we got stuffed in the bus. We were worried about how to get off the bus later Madik even made a joke about it saying’ jumping off from the window’. Then we squeeze through the crowd and finally got off the bus we felt so relief. Then we walked uphill to orphanage house finally we got to orphan house and we wore told that the kids were having class at the moment and we wore told they would be free after 4 30 pm so we took this time to show Nikesh around the place because it was his first time here. But all of a sudden the weather took a different phase and it starts raining so we rushed to the restaurant for shelter. We took this time to have some food shel roti, samosa and pakoda when the rain stopped we started walking up the hill the road was full of mud and pebbles. We head towards nagdaha.


Nagdaha is a lake and its got a history about serpent king. Like many other water bodies and physical features of Kathmandu, the Nagdaha is also steeped in legends. And most people choose to go for a date cause it is filled with beautiful green nature.It’s located at daphakhel village of Lalitpur District. Then we head back to happy home on our way there were lots of vehicles passing by and one of my friend Amin got splatted with mud then after that all the way he was soo precaution. we made a joke about it The funniest part was when he sneaked behind the school bus and went half way uphill without anyone in the bus knowing. On our way back to orphans house we planned to get studying accessories for kids like bundles of pencils pens notebooks etc.. along with some food like boxes of noodles, chocolate biscuits and more…. finally the best time of the day came we were excited.


Happy Home

The time we entered the gate we were greeted with lots of smiling faces but this time there were more smiling faces than there were before and wonder perhaps was it cause of the natural disaster we had last year. We made this visit like a fun event for kids we gathered all the kids around then we started off with a little speech introducing my friends. Then we started events asking the kids what kind of talents they got lots of kids were eager and raise their hands. They sang a song, did few moves they were so entertaining and fun my friend Amin and Madik were so leam they entertained kids by singing songs and kids were singing along and I could see they really enjoyed our presence. Then we finished off by saying few words. We really had a great time along with them. I could tell they were looking forward to seeing us again.

I always wonder and ask myself where did this kid come from? Did they all lost their parents ? or they still have parents but no longer could support them and gave up on them because Nepal is one of the most poverty country or the children were up rooted from their family due to violence in their family or living condition that are just too poor and unbearable for their health and safety. I am so glad to see that attempts have been made by some responsible individuals and organizations to provide the best care possible for the children by giving then education, knowledge and potential future. Hoping this kid perhaps in the future will do a better for our country.

Video Song: Yo Aakha Ma Tmi xau

I suggested every friends to go an Orphanage and spend some good quality time with kids. Trust me you will feel really amazing. Do good deeds which you have never done in your life.

If you want to get information/contact about this orphanage then you can visit facebook page below 🙂


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