Before Dashain was about to start, it was just 2 days to start I got a call from Embassy where I was supposed to collect my passport after 1 pm but it was not sure whether I got a visa or not as I had given the interview a few weeks ago. I was so, scared and on the very next day I guess it was on Thursday or Friday I went to collect my passport in Embassy.

There were many others people who had come embassy to collect the passport. So, we were asked to lined up as my heart slowly starts to beat. Everyone was gossiping around the visa. After few hours, the embassy staff started to distribute according to the name. As, I heard that for the student visa, if we got admission from University then there won’t be any rejection so, I was calm though I was scared at the same time. Unfortunately,  I saw few students got rejected. I literally felt that I would not get a visa and only the thing left to be done was praying to god.  I wonder if I got rejected this year Dashain & Tihar 2073 BS would be one of the worst ever, on the other side if I got a visa then this Dashain & Tihar would be one of the most remarkable ever.

Finally, my turn came and they started to look my passport and other documents to hand over me. My heart was beating so, fast that I could not even imagine :D. So, after getting my passport they asked me to sign on paper and I took my passport. Then I just went few steps ahead and starts to check inside the passport whether I got a visa or not, when I saw the sticker of Deutschland, I was like Oh My God. I was so excited and all I was saying was YES YES YES. I was just above to call my mom and dad to tell about the good news but I stopped as on the next day I was going home from Kathmandu and thought to say in front of them so, that I could see their expression.

Sindhuli Way

On the next morning, I went to my hometown Pathari (Morang) on a bike with my uncle and along with his friends to celebrate Dashain. It normally takes 8 hours to reach Pathari through SINDULI way. The construction of Banepa Sindhuli Bardibas Road started in November 1996 with a grant assistance of Government of Japan. It is very beautiful to go home from this route. So, the journey went good and we reached to Ithari around 4 pm and the I stopped my bike near to Gurkha Department to buy sweets. When I was buying the shopkeeper(lady) laughed at me. I felt embarrass I mean why did she laugh at me. Does she know me?

So, I ignored it and went to keep sweets on my bags where my uncle was waiting for me. And then my uncle said me that I had dust on my face and then I looked my face in the mirror and then I started to laugh by seeing the own face. Really my face was so, ugly as my face was full of dirt and then I realized why the lady was laughing at me lol.


I again ride the bike and I dropped my uncle in Belbari and I reached my home at evening around 6 pm where my parents were waiting for me. So, the night was very lovely to be at home with love and delicious food. My father, he asked me what happened regarding your visa. He asked me a question, did you get a visa? How long it would take more as you had already applied more than 3,4 months ago.  I said to him it takes more time may be most probably between Dashain & Tihar. But after few minutes, I put the sweets in the mouth of my both mom and dad and I reveal the secret and then they were so, happy and even my father could not believe and he was shocked for some minutes.


So, after celebrating Dashain and Tihar, I booked a  flight of Nov 09, 2016 where my college last date to enroll was November 15, 2016. After 2 days of vai tika, my parents and my brother-in-law went along with me to give me a failure on Airport. So, I had only 3 days before my flight as I had many works left. But Thank God everything was done on time.


Eventuallnewy, the time has come to leave Nepal which was one of the worst feelings that I ever had. The good part was my brother ( Jason Rai ) and my friends ( FUNKAARY ) came to give me a failure and it was really overwhelmed for me. We started to take a picture with everyone and had kind of fun. After few moments  I had to enter from departure block as my time was running out. Then I realized how difficult it will be to get away from family, friends, and country. My mom started to cry which made me more emotional and that feeling /moment was really worst which make me so pain whenever I remember. Even I can’t stop tears from my eyes and tears started to roll on my chick. But somehow I tried to be strong and I entered the block though I was very emotional. After all, luggage was checked I entered the waiting room.  Then on waiting room, I started to call all my friends to whom I could not meet.


After half an hour our flight passenger was called. So, everyone entered the plane and the plane started to take up. And then I headed to Germany. So, overall it was a very sweet memory. 🙂







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