Welcome to Amsterdam !!

This city, full of colorful homes, canals and bridges, is one of Europe’s most picturesque capitals. Must-sees on any visitor’s itinerary include the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum and the world’s only floating flower market. Rent a bike and join thousands of locals navigating Amsterdam’s labyrinthine streets, or just take in the sights on foot. For an unusual and memorable alternative to hotels, consider staying in a houseboat.

Been to Amsterdam with my friend Bikram Limbu. It was an amazing experience. I loved to get lost in the new world, new people, new culture, life style and so on. Somehow I tried to captured some beautiful journey experience. As my personal experience, I felt that Amsterdam is totally freedom country. You can do whatever insane things that you like. But doesn’t  mean that you can do criminal activities :D. As you know that Weeds, Prostitution  is totally legal. The funny part was when you just get off the train and go outside from the Main Station then you will start smelling weeds. The worst thing was I had to scanned ticket every time which was really annoying. You are not allowed to carry bottle and walk on the street or main station.

There’s so many things to do in Amsterdam… visiting the Museum Quarter, the Rijksmuseum, the National Monument, the Heineken Experience and so much more that it might be hard to make a good selection on which items to include in your itinerary.
Well Netherland people are called Dutch. The Dutch love traveling by bike and cycle as well as a means of transport as a hobby and exercise. You’ll notice that there are an enormous amount of bikes, cycle in the capital city

Here are some pictures that I took

Watch the Video :



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