About Me



Greetings there !!!

I am Rajiv Rai, currently staying in Germany. I take pride in saying I come from a beautiful country Nepal; surrounded by majestic wide range of Himalayas (MT. Everest: the highest peak in the world) and Land of Gurkhas. I am a great believer in being an Entrepreneur, I am a crypto trader as well as love travelling to new places during my leisure time.

I have always been inspired from the vision, work and determination of some of the globally well-recognized motivational speaker or business iconic figures. Some of my personal favorites are Eric Worre , Robert Kiyosaki, warren buffett, sashin govender, Tanya Aliza.

The wisdom and knowledge that I experienced from some of the great people has totally changed my perception towards the life, my vision and to have that self-belief within you. I now truly understand the potential and meaning of the Entrepreneur, what it’s like being one. We every people have potential inside us but the problem is that we don’t unleash our potential. It doesn’t matter what profession you are in or what business you are doing but to have a clear vision and goals is must, if we want to succeed in a long-run.

In today’s digitalized world, we must be a dynamic person. You, me and We can make a multiple source of income and we don’t have to depend on single income. There are lots of opportunities in the world; we should try to grab it. Don’t spend your whole life working for others. If you do so then TRUST ME GUYS you are only making the rich person richer.

Talking briefly about my hobbies I love travelling places, attending fun events, seminars, love reading books and meeting new people. Being précised, I enjoy travelling so much of all because I want to see the world through my eyes, explore my mind and thoughts. I enjoy the journey of travelling because there is certain curiosity, risk-factor as well meeting interesting people and getting to learn more about myself in the process.

As there is an old classic saying “Travelling is the best way of learning and educating yourself”


Best Regards