My Journey

Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life !!!

There’s something BIG out there waiting for you or do you have something burning inside to inspire and make an impact ?


This is me back then when I was working in IT company as Quality Engineer in Nepal.

When people looked at me from outside, it looked pretty good. Good job, Good salary, Good friends, but I felt something incomplete inside me. I know that people are never satisfied in their life as for me, I wanted to have my freedom in life, travel globally and financially positioned. I usually wondered about my life like where I would be after 4 or 5 years, will I be still working under others and sitting in front of the computer for 8 or 9 hours/ 5 days in a week and spending my whole life. Of course not, I always wanted to experience freedom in life and flexibility. It drove me nuts waking up every morning with the same hectic schedule and working for someone else dreams. I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life like this until I turned 50.

Eng Muhammad Saleem

Back in 2015, my friend/brother Muhammad Saleem introduced me the business opportunity where I could work as a part-time and earn a good income. I was very interested in his offer because I was looking for the side job. Before I share anything, At first let me give you some background about him and how we knew each other. He is from Pakistan and completed his study from Electrical Engineering at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan. Currently, he is the Marketing Director Rank in our company. We got to know each other from the online. We are like own brothers and always been there to help me. Since 2015 to till now we still have strong relationship. He always motivate me and support me. I feel so fortunate that I met him. He is very humble, a good leader and reliable human being. He travels different countries through the business and has different international friends. I used to think that how beautiful life he has, I was inspired by him and I wish I could have a life like him.

So after, he approached me with his business opportunity. I was so excited to know what kind of business he was engaged on. So, he called me on Skype and gave me a presentation for about 30 to 45 minutes. Then, I came to know that he was talking about Network Marketing which is also called MLM (Multi-level Marketing) which was completely new for me. So, I could not say YES instantly to him to be part of the business.

After few months, I started doing some research on the internet about Network Marketing. I was really amazed to know that people are earning massively from it. One thing that really impressed me was that even students, employees, unemployed, housewives were working in this business as a part-time or full-time. Even the great people like Bills Gate, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Mike Davidson, Bill Clinton appreciates this business which made me more eager to know about this Multi-millionaire company. After doing a lot of research, I realized that I was missing such a great opportunity. I just loved to share one short video what great people say about network marketing. Please take a look !!


From there my journey began. After joining the company, I shared the business opportunity with my friends. I gave a presentation about my company which I never thought I could give, in front of the people. I felt so like a leader and great positive vibes were growing inside me which motivated me to work more.  I was a bit worried after the presentation whether my friends would join or not. One very important thing that I would like to share with you is that in life there is two kinds of person: positive attitude and negative attitude. Positive people thinks wisely and take the significant decision but negative people they always think negatively, they don’t accept anythings or see the opportunity coming. I started this journey with my zero knowledge. I had no idea how to give presentation, had no idea how to motivate, had no idea how to handle objections, had no idea about marketing skills. Somehow, I tried my best and gave the presentation.

My First Presentation to my friends 🙂

But after few days, my some friends joined the company. I was so happy and got paid instantly and commission at the end of the week. So, it motivated me to work more. Once, I went to an outing with my friends. I think it was during New Year Eve, We all stayed the night together in a motel where we had a lot of fun doing BBQ and all. I spend my whole money that I had carried. When I came back home I had no money in my pocket but the good thing was that I still had money coming from my Network Marketing Business and it was the exact moment I understood what residual income really was. So, I respect this company and I treat this business as my own, working on my own time schedule. So, finally, my hard work paid off. I got the first rank award from my company.

My First Rank Award Achievement from my company


Before I joined the company I knew nothing about the business, entrepreneur, real value of life, had no management skills as I was from IT background but now I feel so proud of myself. I can feel that I have built my personality a lot as I have changed the vision of my life, have developed personal/professional growth, I attend the official webinar weekly which helps me to broaden my mind, got a chance to know members from all around the world which are really interesting.  And now I am proud to call myself as an Entrepreneur. So, My suggestion to you is that at the certain point of your life there will come certain opportunity knocking your way but it is you who should identify and grab the chance. Be a positive and dynamic person. Trust me you will find yourself amazed.

“Don’t let your life rule by others. Life is beautiful”.



I am so blessed and grateful to be part of this company in my life. Yet not a millionaire, but inspired to be one day so working smarter and harder to reach more height of success. Currently, I work (2 or 3 hours a day) on my own time and love interacting with people globally through this business. I love to educate other people and provide the platform. It has been a great journey with my company so far. It is always a pleasure to meet new people so I am eagerly waiting to get to know you. I’d love to share my knowledge and experience with you about the company. Which I believe will change your life forever and bring the wonderful joy of happiness and success you dreamed of. And, Yes it surely has brought in my life.

Thank you so much for lending your time and getting to know me.  Hope to see you soon !!!

Takecare, Have a wonderful Day.


Best Regards